Success: On and Off the Field

Senior Mike Ward (Circled) Giving a Cor 401 Presentation.
What an amazing year it has been for the Panthers, not only on the field … but in the classroom as well!  The team GPA went from a 2.65 to a 2.87, with a new academic game plan in place this year.  If you were a freshman or an incoming transfer, you were required to get at least 8 study table hours each week.  There were no exceptions for anyone. 

The position groups with the highest GPA's on the team were the inside-linebackers with a solid 3.49, the quarterbacks with 3.39, and the kickers with a 3.35.  So as you can see the phrase, "compete your brains out" is not something we just say, it's something we believe in.

Freshman Corbin Quinonez getting help on his studies.
We also had 6 players, that's right 6 with a perfect 4.0!  We asked Head Coach Robbie Schomaker what his thoughts on this were, "My first thought was WOW! I am amazed at what can happen when guys give it their best shot.  I am so proud of the guys buying into our system and striving for perfection both on and off the football field.  Proverbs 27:17 reads, ‘As Iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another.’  This team competes with each other in every aspect of life."  The guys that excelled academically were Lincoln Johnson, Kirk Pearce, Greg Schimke, Jacob Stull, Mike Ward, and Ethan White.  These guys truly went above and beyond to achieve perfection this last semester.  ATTAWAY!!!

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