Top 10 Greenville College Football Moments

10) Beating Millikan.

9) Joey Silva punt block against Northwestern.

8) JV win against Rose Hulman, at their place.

7) Richard Wilburn and Anthony Everett interception for touchdowns. (Sorry, we couldn't pick just one!)  

6) Defensive stand against Eureka, on our 3 yard line.

5) Jesse Tyrell with a bone crushing hit against McMurray.

4) Brendan Chambers running over Northwestern's Linebacker.

3) Zibeon Washingtons 89 yard touchdown.

2) 20 Point come back against Northwestern, during homecoming weekend.

1) Game winning blocked field goal against Eureka.

What a great season, looking forward to next years top 10 already!

Greenville College Football © 2009 by Jered Schneider.