EMAP Teacher of the Year

Our team voted Susan Chism, for EMAP Teacher of the Year!  Although there were many professors with multiple votes, Mrs. Chism won pretty comfortably.  

In her work as an English professor, Mrs. Chism is known for her willingness to help anyone.  Senior safety Matt Edler said, "She is the sweetest woman I have ever met!  She will bend over backward to help you.  If things are not going so well, she has so much knowledge to pick you back up."  That quote is just another great example of how close our community is here at Greenville.  We have professors who are not only willing to help you achieve academic goals, but are also willing to help you grow as a person.  

Thank you so much Mrs. Chism for everything that you do, and we would like to honor you by naming you EMAP Teacher of the Year!

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