Q&A with Joy Rode on Her New CD

Q: Was there a moment in your life that made you want to become a musician?
A: There wasn't one specific moment, rather a series of events. For one, I grew up in a family of musicians and singers and everyone was involved with the music at our church. Also, I started listening to women artists who played guitar and wrote their own music. Once I started learning guitar, I tried writing and although the 7th grade boy basketball player,” the process of writing was becoming more familiar nonetheless. First couple songs consisted of lyrics like, “My crush is in love with that cheerleader while I look like an awkward 7

Q: How did your CD get the name “Stages”?
A: While “Stages” is the name of one of my songs, which depicts a story of different seasons of life, the album as a whole is summed up in the name “Stages.” I’m coming to realize that life is one big cycle of seasons. Each season has its own set of joy (no pun intended), trials, and events. It’s up to us whether we pay attention to pockets of growth during these seasons. I’m hoping this album encourages others to see the bigger picture and feel hope that if they want or need to, they can get out of a difficult season.

Q: All of the songs on the CD are originals written by you, but are there any that are especially meaningful to you?
A: Each song has its own story. All of the lyrics are especially meaningful to me, but I can say that I enjoy singing/recording specific ones. Some times when you actually start performing a song, you realize it may not be a huge hit (you can usually tell by the yawns). My favorite song to sing/perform would be “Give it Up” because to me, it is one of the most creative songs I’ve written and I connect with the lyrics while I am singing it almost every time.

Q: How does being the wife of a coach mix with your passion for music?
A: Surprisingly, these two roles seem to be working together in my favor. For instance, Coach Rode (Andrew) is quite busy trying to help continue to build the EMAP vision, and while I miss being around him in the evenings, it frees me up to write, perform, or plan during this time slot. Also, the team can come see me perform and it is yet another opportunity for Andrew and I to build relationships with players and meet their girlfriends (free concert=cheap date with the boo thang).

Joy singing during a Friday chapel.
Q: What are your favorite parts of being a part of the EMAP Nation?
A: As a whole, I love how this program transforms lives, or rather how it used by Jesus to transform lives. Specific parts of EMAP that I love are “put up’s” after the games, Wide-Receiver Tuesday night meetings when I bring brownies and get put on the “hot seat,” and how it is a school and program that spiritually challenges my husband by being led and giving him a chance to lead others. I can’t wait for season #4 as being a Coach’s Wife! Let’s go!

Q: What is one funny thing about Coach Rode that his players wouldn’t know about him?
A: One evening we walked up stairs to our apartment and came face to face with a large, balding, hissing, possum. Coach Rode was so excited that even after we went inside, he would periodically open the door and turn the porch light on to make sure he was still there. He also tried to lure the possum back to our porch in the following weeks by setting food out for him. The possum’s name is Harold. Guess who named him? So, you may not have known it, but Coach Rode is a big animal lover.

Q: Will you be performing in the Greenville area any time soon?
A: Yes, this weekend actually! You can stop by the Blackroom at Greenville College around 8:00pm on Friday March 28th, and I’ll be performing after Tyler Wright.  On April 5th I will be playing at the Blackroom again in the “Battle of the Bands” which is the competition leading up to Agapefest.  Hope to see you there!

You can find Joy’s album “Stages” on itunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stages/id829018237
Twitter: @JoyRode11

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