Student Government President Riley O'Regan Q&A

Today, here at EMAP Nation, we have the opportunity to share a recent interview with former player, Servant Warrior, and current Student Government President Riley O’Regan.

Q: Riley, tell EMAP Nation a little about where you are from and what brought you to Greenville College.
A: I am from Woodinville, Washington about 20 minutes from Seattle and I originally came to Greenville College when Coach Rode recruited me to play football!

Q: Last year you transitioned from a role on the field as a player, to being a Servant Warrior.  What was that experience like for you?
A: Yes, that was quite the experience. Being a Servant Warrior was extremely humbling. Moreover, it was definitely a lesson about all the work that goes on behind the scenes that the coaches would have to work through without our help.

Q: Was there an aspect of that change that you really struggled with?
A: Yes. The lack of locker room time was a struggle. That is where memories are really made. It’s tough to stay connected when you aren't on that level anymore.

Q: Going into your senior year at GC, you're making another transition.  We’re sad to see you not working with us every day, tell EMAP Nation about what you'll be doing next year.
A: This next year I will be the Student Body President for Greenville College. I am ecstatic to continue working in Student Government and to be able to use the Leadership skills learned in football for change on campus.

Q: What got you interested in becoming a part of Greenville’s student government? 
A: I was at the All College Hike when I was approached about being the Senate representative of the dorm I was living in. I served these last two semesters on Senate and was encouraged to apply for President.

Q: What EMAP principle or principles do you feel like will help the most in your new role on campus?
A: I could easily say all of them, because they all apply. But I would say the most helpful one would be the current series from 1 Corinthians 13 about the different ways to love your brothers. It has been extremely insightful.

Q: There are tons of memories made as a part of Greenville College Football.  Would you mind sharing one that really stands out to you?
A: Spring Ball is always my favorite. Everything about it makes me smile. The conditioning brings you closer as you move from one station to the next, but not quitting on your brothers. The scrimmaging, even though we don’t wear pads, is a blast with the great competition. The best part, however, is the weather. It adds energy to all the guys and we thoroughly enjoy it.

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