Get to Know Your Seniors: Matt Edler

Q: Why did you choose GC out of high school?
A: Coming out of high school, I was not expecting to play football in the college level but when I got a call from a recruiter here on the coaching staff he talked very highly of me and said that he would like me to take a college visit. And after I ignored him for about 3 months I called him back and said that I was sorry and I would like to play college football. Football is my life and that’s why I choose GC,

Q: Is GC Football what you expected it to be like? 
A: Coming from a high school program where the coach is a Christian, I soon realized that everything here is what my coach back home was trying to do. So my answer is yes, there might have been some ups and downs but it still got me to become a better man like they said they would do.

Q: What is your favorite memory of GC Football the last 3 years?
A: My favorite memory in the last three years is my sophomore and junior years with my best friends Bryce Wright and Anthony Moore. Without these two guys I would not be here at GC and those two have caused many good and bad memories but it is what kept me around.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about next year?
A: Working with Coach Laune and the defensive backs, I have been through a lot of coaching changes in my time at GC, I think that this will be a great learning curve for him and for myself as I try and go into coaching myself. Sometimes you get put into situations that are not as planned.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom for your younger and future teammates?
A: Don’t be afraid to make a name for yourself; good or bad. Go out and learn what it takes to be a college kid and a college athlete. It took me two years to realize what I was really doing here at GC and I am glad I had these coaches around guiding me to the place I need to be. So if there was one great thing that I could say to you is, it’s NEVER TO LATE to change who you are and become a better person for yourself and for others. Ex: your wife/ girlfriend. 

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