Taking Care of Business!

The Greenville College Football team finished the spring semester with a team GPA of 2.91.  This number was up from the 2.87 they acheived during the fall semester.  The team is well on their way to accomplishing their goal of a team GPA of 3.0.  There were 65 players on the roster this spring semester.  Thirty one players finished with a 3.0 or higher and Lincoln Johnson and Jacob Stull achieved 4.0 for the semester.  Academically, the team has now made significant jumps three semesters in a row.  Dating back to last fall, the Panthers have improved the team GPA from a 2.67 to a 2.91.  Players do get awarded terminator points for higher GPA’s but this improvement is a solid indication of the players understanding that God should be glorified in all aspects of life (Col. 3:23).  

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