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Class of 2018 Chapter 4

Nathan Callaway
Hometown: Biggs, CA
High School: Biggs High School
Position:  Running back
Major:  Criminal Justice
Coach DiSandro: “I am very excited Nathan chose to be a part of the EMAP family.  The staff feels he is a tremendous talent at running back and we think he’ll do some great things here at Greenville.  He is big, fast and athletic and performed very well his Sr. year.  He is also a great fit for campus and our program.  He has a soft heart and will be was very receptive to Biblical football on his visit.” 
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “Nathan states, I picked Greenville because of how close the team was.  I really enjoyed and liked campus as well.  I just really felt the bond or brotherhood on the team and wanted to be a part of something like that.”  

Shaine Elkins
Hometown: Conroe, TX
High School: Conroe High School
Position:  LB
Major: Undecided
Coach Lira: “Shaine is a big and strong linebacker, that will add major depth to the defense.  One of the biggest things I like about Shaine, is he is a sharp guy!  He is a guy that gets the job done in the classroom, and on the field he is a high football IQ player.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville because it seems like the perfect fit for me to further my education.  While at the same time continuing playing football and becoming a better man.”

Angel Galdamez
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
High School: St. Monica High School
Position:  OL
Major: Sports Management
Coach DiSandro: “Angel is a big, strong and athletic offensive lineman from a very good team and league in southern California.  We first heard about him at an unsigned California combine coach Schomaker attended.  Angel is very excited about the vision of our program and how we integrate faith and football.  He will likely be another very good OL for us; and is very much cut of the same mold as some of our top OL in the past.  I’m excited to see the impact he will have at Greenville over his four years.” 
Why did He Choose Greenville: “ I chose Greenville because of the small atmosphere just like my high school.  I really liked how the program has chapel and worship before games.  I also liked the fact that the class sizes are very small.  I felt Greenville was the best atmosphere for me to excel academically and athletically.” 

TK Mattress
Hometown: Anderson, SC
High School: Westside Senior High School
Position: DE
Major:  Education (PE)
Coach DiSandro: TK is a very good defensive end from South Carolina.  He did a lot of great things in high school and we are excited to see that transition over to his college career.  He is big, athletic and physical …he runs real well.  I am really happy he selected us and I am excited to see his growth as a football player and person over the next four years.
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “ TK stated he picked Greenville because the campus and town felt a lot like his home.  He was also very excited about the opportunity to compete on the defensive line and thought the brotherhood amongst the guys was a great thing." 

Jon Meadows
Hometown: Highland, IL
High School: Highland High School
Position:  DL
Major: History Education 
Coach Lira: “Jon is an athletic zero technique, and even though he lacks the size.  He is a guy with a lot of heart that is capable of making a lot of plays for us.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “It was close to home, but far enough for me to live on campus and get that Christian fellowship. It also felt like a great fit to further my education and my relationship with the Lord!”


Class of 2018 Chapter 3

Jacob “Jake” Battaglia
Hometown: Frisco, TX
High School: Frisco High School
Position:  Quarterback
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Coach Lira: “Jake is a good football player, and I am really excited to work with him next year.  He is a guy that has all the intangibles you look for in a quarterback.  He also has the arm strength to hit all the throws and the mobility to extend the play.  I am super excited to watch Jake his four years here at Greenville, and the legacy he will leave!”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville because the community and the town had an uplifting atmosphere that I felt comfortable in. The football program had all the right traits of a program that could help you grow not only as a football player, but a future husband, father, and a man of God.”

Bruce Volaski
 Terra Bella, CA
High School: Bakersfield College
Position: WR/RB
Major: Criminal Justice

Coach Schomaker: “Bruce is looking for a family and EMAP is just the place.  He needs people who are going to pour into him and help him become the man he was meant to be and in turn I believe he can be someone who does the same for his teammates.  He is a tremendous talent on the field and I am excited to watch him blossom this fall.”
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville because of the brother hood bond that the team had.  And that everyone was about the person next to them and not for themselves”

Tyler Christensen
Hometown: South Elgin, IL
High School: South Elgin High School
Position:  Slot Receiver
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach Lira: “Tyler is a great route runner, and is someone who can make plays in open space.  He is a player that not only can get it done on the field, but he is also someone who we expect to lead in the classroom as well.  I am super happy to welcome him to the family!”
Why did He Choose Greenville: “I chose Greenville college due to the close bond between all of the guys and the strong feeling of comfort between everyone. I loved the way the guys competed and I was amazed with the competition between one another. I just feel that the environment is one I will fit into well.”

Wade Jung
Hometown: Altenburg, MO
High School: Perryville High School    
Position: DL
Major: Secondary Education: Emphasis on Coaching
Coach Schomaker: “Wade is a blue collar, hard working, farm boy from Missouri.  He takes on that lunch pale mentality and will be extraordinary in the ordinary everyday tasks.  He is a monster in the weight room and I am excited to watch him blossom here at GC.
Why Did He Choose Greenville: “I want to attend Greenville College because I feel that I will adjust easily due to the smaller class sizes. I was very impressed by the campus tour. I love that I will be able to keep playing football while furthering my education.”

Colton Faure
Hometown: Susanville, CA
High School: Lassen High School
Position:  DE
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach DiSandro: “Colton is a very tall, lean, and athletic defenisive lineman.  He was a very impactful player at the high school level, and we expect it to transition to the college level.  Last and most important to us, is his character.  He is a good kid with great grades, and we feel like he’s going to be a great fit!
Why Did He Choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because it seems like a good and friendly environment and I get to play football. I plan on majoring in criminal justice.

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