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Class of 2018: Chapter 6

Eric “EA” Northey
Hometown: Richland Hills, TX
High School: Birdville High School
Position: QB / Ath.
Major: Business
Coach Lira:  Eric is a very good football player, and I am really excited to see what he does next fall.  He is a guy that had a monster high school career in Texas, and due to injury had to sit out this last fall.  This guy is a steal for the program, and no matter where he is on the field…expect BIG things!
Why did He Choose Greenville: I choose Greenville because it is a great school! It’s not the biggest, but I know going there will make me a better man. I am looking forward to playing in a winning program, and to keep the winning tradition going. This school is where I belong, and I know I will love the coaches and players.

Derek Greifzu
Hometown: Fairfield, IL 
High School:
Position: RB
Major: Physics 
Coach Rode:  Derek will be a great addition to our football program.  He has great acceleration and athleticism along with the work ethic to make himself a dynamic college football player.  He will be a great fit spiritually for the football program and the school, and we are very excited that he has chosen to be a Panther.
Why did He Choose Greenville: I have spent a lot of time at Greenville and ever since the first time I stepped on campus I knew it was a fantastic place to be. I love the atmosphere and the relationship you can see between the players they truly treat each other like family and that’s something that I want to be a part of.

Sterling Burns
Hometown: Hinesville, GA
High School: Bradwell Institute
Position: OL
Major: Biology
Coach Laune:  "I am very excited about Sterling's decision to be a Panther in the fall. Sterling comes from a great high school program that instilled great character traits in him early on. Greenville College is Christian college and our football program is dedicated to integrating our faith into football. We feel like Sterling will be a great fit for our program. He is a great young man and has a huge amount of potential in the coming years. We expect great things from him and can't wait to get started working with him."

Caleb Pittman
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
High School: Frederick K C Price III School
Position: OL
Major: Digital Media
Coach Rode: Caleb comes from a strong family, and he will be an excellent addition to our football family.  He will bring great athleticism and a very teachable personality to our offensive line culture.  I believe this will be an environment that Caleb will thrive in spiritually, academically and athletically.
Why did He Choose Greenville: I chose Greenville College because I believe it is the best place for me to grow spiritually, earn my college degree and continue to play football. The campus has a home feel and everyone cares for each other.

Kerry Patrich
Hometown: Pocahontas, IL
High School: Greenville High School
Position: DL
Major: Pre-Nursing
Coach Lira:  Kerry is a big and strong defensive lineman, and we are very happy to have him apart of our team.  Kerry is a guy that is very soft spoken, but when you see him on the field it’s like two different people.  Kerry adds great size and depth to our D-line and I’m excited to see what he does here.
Why did He Choose Greenville: It seemed like a good fit for me, I like the feel of a small college plus i is an outstanding environment for students and teachers.  The coaches and teachers seem to have close connections with their students. 


Get to Know Your Seniors: Hunter Rone

Q: What is your major?
A: My major is biology.

Q: What is your ambitions for after college? 
A: After college I hope to enter a nursing program, in order to gain a masters in nursing.

Q: What is your favorite things about Greenville and Greenville football thus far?
A: My favorite thing about Greenville College, and our football team is the community aspect.  How tight knit the football team is it's unreal, it's pretty awesome to have 100 brothers by your side at all times.

Q: What is your favorite Hobby?
A: My favorite hobby is either weightlifting or riding motorcycles.

Q: What is your favorite movie?
A: My favorite movie is "The Way".

Q: What is your favorite NFL football team and player? 
A: My favorite NFL team is the Kansas City Chiefs and my favorite player is Jamal Charles

Q: Any “words” for the upcoming team of 2014?
A: I would encourage the team of 2014 to spend their summer preparing for the upcoming season and to never settle for mediocrity.


Terminator Olympics Winner: Will Plachta


Class of 2018: Chapter 5

Adarius Williams
Hometown: Anderson, SC
High School: Westside Senior High School
Position:  LB
Major: Education (PE)
Coach DiSandro:  We are very excited to have Adarius.  He is good friends with TK and I think they were both sold on their visit.  Adarius is a special player and will have immediate impact at the linebacker spot.  He is 225 pounds and he can run and hit.  He actually holds the record for most knock outs at this high school!  I am looking forward to seeing EMAP positively affect his life for Christ.    
Why did He Choose Greenville: I feel like this school is where I belong.  The people on my visit were amazing.  People on campus, players and coaches made me feel like I've know them for years.  I feel Greenville will make me into a better player and a better man. 

Billy Montoya
Hometown: Murrieta, CA
High School: Murrieta Mesa
Major: Undecided
Coach Rode: Billy is a very athletic CB that fits the mission of the school and the football program.  He has great ball skills and has a very savvy football mind.  I believe he will develop to be an outstanding football player and a dynamic leader in this football program.  I believe he is going to be a big piece of the EMAP Family for years to come.”
Why did he choose Greenville: I picked Greenville, because the bond that the team, has made me feel as if I was home. I loved the campus and what it had to provide. Lastly I feel comfortable with the coaching staff and know that not only will they make me become a better football player but help me develop into a better man.

Taylor Kaufmann
Hometown: Pleasant Plains, IL
High School: Pleasant Plains High School
Position: QB
Major: Audio Engineering
Coach Laune: “Taylor had a stellar high school career as a QB and DB in Illinois and we expect to see his hard work and dedication continue to pay dividends in the future. His aunt was recently inducted in the hall of fame here at Greenville and we hope to see him carry on the family tradition.”
Why did he choose Greenville:
"I chose Greenville because it is a program unlike any other. The coaches want to see you develop as a man of God just as much as a football player. In addition to great coaches, the players have a great brotherhood bond, and an excitement that I can't wait to be a part of."

Zach Page
Hometown: Louisville, KY
High School: Christian Academy of Louisville
Position:  DL
Major:  Criminal Justice
Coach Rode: ““Zach comes from a great high school program that produces great athletes and men every year.  He has a great football pedigree and will be a rock for us up front on the DL.  He fits the EMAP lifestyle incredibly well and shows a lot of potential to be a leader for us.  He is also a great student that will thrive in our small classes and with individualized attention from all his professors.”
Why did He Choose Greenville: “I loved how the football team did things, and bounded very close.  It seemed very similar to what I was already doing to at my high school. Out of every college I visited Greenville's football program impressed me the most! They also encourage my faith in the lord in the team and it was easy to communicate with them. I believe it will be a place I can grow athletically and spiritually.

Tavares Richardson
Hometown: Crawfordsville, AR
High School: Earle High School
Major: Accounting
Coach Laune: “Tavares is a great young man with a bright future and I am very excited that Greenville College gets to be a part of helping him reach his potential.”
Why did He Choose Greenville College: “They did a great job recruiting me; they talk to my Mother and were truly concerned about me. At open house, they made me feel like I really belong there.”


Get to Know Your Seniors: Nathan Butler

Nathan Butler
1.   It’s said we learn more from our failures than our successes:  What has been your favorite mistake?
                        I think my favorite failure (though I don’t enjoy them) would be the first quiz I can remember taking in college.  I didn't study for it and did horrible on it.  After that, I realized I needed to put work into what I want to achieve. 

2.    If you could give your ten year old self one piece of advice, what would it be?
                        Love people with all your heart, mind, soul, and spirit despite the circumstances you are faced with.

3.  What is your personal credo?
                        I’m not too sure about a personal credo, however one of my favorite quotes is “Catch on fire with enthusiasm, and people will come from miles to watch you burn.”  Enthusiasm impacts.

4.   Describe your perfect meal?
My favorite meal would definitely involve having some good barbecue ribs.  It also would have to have large helpings of buttered sweet corn (on the cob), mashed potatoes with small spoonful of gravy, accompanied by a grilled chicken Caesar salad.  To top it off, I’d have a cold glass of Arnold Palmer (half ice sweet tea, and half lemonade), condensation dripping off the side of glass.

5.  What is your favorite Greenville tradition?
Though it’s not necessarily a tradition, taking a night time walk around campus is one of my favorite things about Greenville.  It is a peaceful and relaxing opportunity to re energize from a long day.

6.   If a picture is worth 1000 words, what are you doing in that picture?
  I would probably be a part of an extremely large “group hug” with my family and teammates, because that would exemplify my love for my sports and those closest to me. 

7.  Who has been the most influential person in your life during your time here at Greenville?
                        My position coach, Andrew Rode.

8.   How do you see the Christian liberal arts education you are getting here at Greenville preparing you for your future?
                        Greenville does well in helping me focus on the big picture in life.  While here, I've learned to think outside of myself and think beyond my circumstances to recognize a world surrounding us.  Greenville has taught me that despite being a small Christian liberal arts college, large and impactful things can live and flourish if you believe you can achieve greatness.

9.  Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 and 50 years?
                        I can see myself with a family and kids, teaching and/or coaching.  Anything that allows me to invest into the lives of those around me.

10.  What does this football family and your senior year mean to you?
                     Simply speaking, it means a whole lot.  I love my teammates, I love the coaching staff, and I love the program that I play for.  It’s an honor to be apart of a community that cares for who I am.  This is as an opportunity to impact, and invest back into a family and school that blessed me immensely over the past years.


Get to Know Your Seniors: Matt Edler

Q: Why did you choose GC out of high school?
A: Coming out of high school, I was not expecting to play football in the college level but when I got a call from a recruiter here on the coaching staff he talked very highly of me and said that he would like me to take a college visit. And after I ignored him for about 3 months I called him back and said that I was sorry and I would like to play college football. Football is my life and that’s why I choose GC,

Q: Is GC Football what you expected it to be like? 
A: Coming from a high school program where the coach is a Christian, I soon realized that everything here is what my coach back home was trying to do. So my answer is yes, there might have been some ups and downs but it still got me to become a better man like they said they would do.

Q: What is your favorite memory of GC Football the last 3 years?
A: My favorite memory in the last three years is my sophomore and junior years with my best friends Bryce Wright and Anthony Moore. Without these two guys I would not be here at GC and those two have caused many good and bad memories but it is what kept me around.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about next year?
A: Working with Coach Laune and the defensive backs, I have been through a lot of coaching changes in my time at GC, I think that this will be a great learning curve for him and for myself as I try and go into coaching myself. Sometimes you get put into situations that are not as planned.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom for your younger and future teammates?
A: Don’t be afraid to make a name for yourself; good or bad. Go out and learn what it takes to be a college kid and a college athlete. It took me two years to realize what I was really doing here at GC and I am glad I had these coaches around guiding me to the place I need to be. So if there was one great thing that I could say to you is, it’s NEVER TO LATE to change who you are and become a better person for yourself and for others. Ex: your wife/ girlfriend. 

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