Greenville College Class of 2018 - Part II


Kirk Pearce "The Mad Scientist"

This summer, senior linebacker Kirk Pearce was given the opportunity of a lifetime.  Read the Q&A to learn about the incredible internship Kirk earned for this summer back in California.

EMAP: What is the name of the internship?
KP: Chem-SURF Research Experience for Undergraduates at University of California, Irvine.

EMAP: Tell us what makes it such a prestigious opportunity?
KP: University of California, Irvine has a chemistry graduate program ranked among the top in the nation.  I will be working right along graduate students that were accepted into this program.  I will also be working with a professor who is widely acclaimed in the chemistry world.

EMAP: How exclusive is this internship?
KP: It ranges from school to school, but summer REU programs typically have an acceptance rate below 10%

EMAP: How will this help your future career plans?
KP: Undergraduate research experience, along with many other things, is essential in order to proceed onto graduate school.  Summer research projects like this not only fulfill this requirement, but act as a "try out" to see what graduate school would be like without any long term commitment.  After this summer, I will have two full summers of research experience and hope to be accepted into a PH.D. program for Physical Chemistry or Theoretical Chemistry right out of college.

EMAP: What exactly will you be doing?
KP: This summer, I will be working on a quantum computational chemistry project in which we use a computer program called TURBOMOLE to implement and test new electronic structure methods.  In layman's terms, we will be using a very complex computer program to discover how electrons behave at a microscopic level.

EMAP: How did Greenville prepare you for this internship?
KP: If it weren't for my chemistry advisory, Dr. Iler, I wouldn't have the confidence to even pursue a Ph.D. after college.  In addition to his encouragement and motivation, the classes I have taken at
Greenville have given me a strong foundation on which all of the concepts I will be learning will build on

EMAP: Where are the other students you are working with from?
KP: The graduate students I am working closest with are from Pomona, Minneapolis, Italy, Germany and China.  However the other REU summer students are from all over the US.

EMAP: What have you learned so far?
KP: So far, I have become accustomed to the program, TURBOMOLE and have run basic calculations on simple molecules.  Soon, I will be working alongside one of the graduate students here and working with them on their specific research project.


Class of 2018: Part 8

Jordan Mixon 
Hometown: Colton, CA 
High School: Colton HS / San Bernardino Valley Community College
Position: RB/ATH
Major: Physical Education 
Coach DiSandro:  Wow, we are very excited to have Jordan join the EMAP family.  Jordan was a 2 year all conference selection at Junior College, as well as 1st team All CA selection his sophomore year. He brings great experience to the T and H positions.  He is extremely athletic and a very complete back. Look for Jordan to make a huge impact on the field for the Panthers in 2014! 
Why did He Choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because it is a small school with a Christian based foundation.  

Daniel Findley
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
High School: Northwest Christian
Position: LB/DL
Major: Physical Education
Coach Schomaker:  Daniel is an extremely smart football player and student.  We are excited about his desire to be a leader as a Christian Man.  He is a great fit for our program
Why did he Choose Greenville: I wanted to play football while in college.  Greenville gives me that opportunity with a Christian Foundation.  The football team is a very unique group of brothers.  I look forward to taking the field with them.  On my April Visit I could see myself spending four years growing in my education, football skills, and my faith.  I look forward to representing Greenville College on the field and in the classroom. 

Jamelle Issac
Hometown: Rialto, CA
High School: Rialto High School
Position WR
Major: Bio-Chemistry/ Forensics 
Coach Rode: Jamelle is a great fit for the institution, and he is a tremendous athlete.  He has exceptional speed and great ability to make people miss.  I look forward to watching him develop as a man of strong character, and integrity while he competes for the EMAP Nation!
Why did He Choose Greenville: I want to attend Greenville College, because it seems to have all the elements that I believe.  I need to not only continue with football, but also further my education and my spiritual self as well. 

Joe Cervantes
Hometown: Delano, CA
High School: Delano high School
Position: RB
Major: Sports Management
Coach Schomaker:  “Joe is a very talented RB and we are excited to see what he can do in our potent offense.  Joe’s high school career ended early due to an injury and he is excited to have another chance to set foot on the field."
Why did He Choose Greenville: Before I chose a College my main thing for me was to feel comfortable. When I arrived at Greenville I felt really welcomed. I saw the brotherhood the guys had with one another and made me want to be apart of it. I know being apart of the e EMAP program will push me to be a better player.

Andre Underwood 
Hometown: Bennettsville, SC 
High School: Marlboro County HS
Position: WR
Major: Psychology 
Coach DiSandro:  Andre commitment helps us address a big need for our 2014 class, the WR position. We are excited he is going to be a panther.  He posses good athleticism and playmaking skills at the WR position.  Andre felt very comfortable with Greenville from the beginning of the process and he will do good things for us on and off the field.  
Why did He Choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because it has a peaceful environment and it felt like home.  The coaches bond with the players and made it feel like home.  


It's That Time of Year!

EMAP Nation,
It is time to order your player gear for this season.  It is a time sensitive issue, so make the order as soon as possible.  The last day to make the orders is June 22.  Click on the links and it will take you through everything you need to do.  The only mandatory set of items is the player pack.  We will use the polo to travel in, the compression shirt will be a game day requirement, the t-shirt will be used for multiple team activities, and the shorts will be used for practice.
Every item on the Spirit Wear store will earn you $7 toward your player pack up to the total cost of your player pack.  All earned money will be dispensed on August 12th which is reporting day for fall camp. 
All items will be shipped to Greenville College and will be able to be picked up on August 12th. 


Please contact Andrew Rode with any questions about equipment or this gear order Andrew.rode@greenville.edu


Greenville College Class of 2018 - Part 1


Class of 2018: Chapter 7

Derek Asuega
Hometown: Long Beach, CA 
High School: Long Beach Poly HS
Position: OL
Major: Business or Criminal Justice 
Coach DiSandro:  After speaking with Derricks OL coach at Long Beach I felt he’d be good for us.  We met Derrick at the LA showcase in February and we have had a good recruitment relationship with him since then.  I am excited for Derrick to arrive at GC in August and begin his career here.  I think he will have a great four years at Greenville. 
Why did He Choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because I wanted to attend a school that was out of state.  I really wanted to explore a place I’ve never been before.  I really liked the values of the program and school.  In general I thought this was a good fit for me.  
Mychal Bush-King
Hometown: Flora, IL
High School: Flora High School
Position: LB
Major: Undecided
Coach Lira: "I am really excited about Mychal!  He has been in the Marines for the last couple of years, and I'm excited to see the leadership, discipline, and drive he brings to this program." 
Why Did He Choose Greenville? "I feel super blessed, for another opportunity to play football again. Not being able to play these last couple of years, has given me an appreciation for the game." 
Darryl Seals 
Hometown: Norwalk, CA
High School: Norwalk 
Position: OLB
Major: Business or Contemporary song writing 
Coach DiSandro:  I am excited to announce that Darryl will be attending GC in the fall.  He is a very good athlete that played in a good HS football conference.  Darryl is an outstanding young man who will do great things at GC come this fall.   
Why did He Choose Greenville:  When my family and I visited the GC campus we felt a strong sense of family.  This was one of the main things I was looking for in a school.  I also thought Greenville was the best environment for me to learn and grow into a great man. 

Johnny Craig
Hometown: Newman, IL
High School: Shiloh High School
Position: LB
Major: Physical Education
Coach Lira: "Johnny is an outstanding player, and we are really excited to have him apart of our team next fall.  He is a guy that can make many plays, and I'm really anxious to see him in action." 
Why Did He Choose Greenville? "The Campus was beautiful, the nice people, and the football reputation is incredible.  I was really impressed with everything, and look forward to this opportunity." 

Josh Woods
Hometown: San Jose, CA
High School: Kings Academy 
Position: DB/OLB
Major: Business and Pastoral ministry
Coach DiSandro: We are very excited about Josh joining the EMAP family.  He is a tremendous fit and athlete for the program and school.  I really enjoyed spending time with Josh and his family on their visit to campus.  I think Josh will thrive in this environment and can’t wait for him to begin this new chapter in his life.      
Why did He Choose Greenville:  I picked Greenville for its outstanding community and Christian commitment.  I like how the coaches will push us to be the best we can while keeping God as the center and foundation.  I knew Greenville was the school for me pretty quickly in the process.  

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