Philly Trip 2015 Day 1

The 2015 Philly Trip is finally upon us.   Its been 4 years since the Greenville College Football program set foot back in Philly  Check out our updates here everyday over the next 10 days and learn what missions work looks like EMAP style.

Today was the first day of our 10 day adventure.  16 of us packed one people mover and a minivan and left Greenville at 4:15PM, after classes had ended for the day.  The trip was just  5 hours as we stopped "halfway" in Mason, OH, home of our Head Coach Robbie Schomaker.  The ride was a lively one including a stop at a Cinnabon for senior Robert Deering.  

We arrived in Mason at 10:30PM and made camp for the night at Coach Schomaker's childhood home.  Mrs. Schomaker (mother of coach Schomaker) made a great spread for the guys including buffalo chicken dip and a Cincinnati Classic, Skyline Dip while Mr. Schomaker (father of coach Schomaker) got everyone set up in the basement.  We watched some basketball and everyone settled in for the night to rest up for the 8 hour journey to Philadelphia in the morning.  Who knows what tomorrows adventure will bring.

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