Greenville College Class of 2019 - Part 2

EMAP Nation, be sure to check out part two of the Class of 2019 highlight video! Help us welcome these new players as they have decided to call Greenville their home for the next four years!


Making Gains in the Weight Room, On the Field, and in the Classroom!

This offseason has been one of great growth for our guys.  We saw some significant increase in strength and speed, while also seeing our guys make great strides as football players on the practice field during spring ball. However, we wanted to highlight something that often goes unannounced, ACADEMICS!

            This past semester, the football team was able to achieve a 2.97 average! This is a great step forward for our program, last spring we were at a 2.91 average. We want to achieve our goal of a 3.0 GPA and one day surpass it and that time will be here soon! As many of you may know, being a student athlete is not an easy task. Our guys dedicate many hours of the day to both athletics and academics knowing that they need to do so in order for success on and off the field. Not to mention they need to find time to sleep at night and time for somewhat of a social life.
            Looking at class GPA’s, the class with the highest GPA was the Sophomore class with a GPA of 3.2, with the Junior class just behind them. The Defensive Line led all position groups with a 3.36 GPA with the Wide Receivers coming in second at 3.12.

Now to highlight our academic Top 10 from this past semester.

1)   Jacob Stull 4.0 GPA
2)   Lincoln Johnson 4.0 GPA
3)   Daniel Findley 4.0 GPA
4)   Jacob Tibbetts 3.96 GPA
5)    Steven Davis 3.93 GPA
6)   Cory Moore 3.92 GPA
7)   Corbin Quinonez 3.85
8)   Derek Greifzu 3.84
9)   Will Plachta 3.81 GPA
10) Bryson Davis 3.74 GPA

Over HALF of our athletes on the roster were able to achieve a 3.0 or higher this semester! Great job gentlemen on getting after it in the classroom and continue to strive for greatness on and off the field!


Q&A with Will Cox, Defensive G.A. and Cornerbacks Coach

EMAP Nation, Help us welcome Will Cox to Greenville College! We are excited to have him join the staff! 

Tell us about your family and background.
I am the fourth out of five children. I was born in Texas but raised in rural Arkansas. I grew up in the church and having a relationships with Christ central to everything my family did. 

What is it about Greenville College and our football program that excites you and brings you here?
Greenville successfully marriages winning and creating men of character that go on to lead successful lives and are productive citizens, husbands, and fathers. I am incredibly excited to become apart of this. 

Why did you decide to get into coaching as a career?
Besides my own father some of the most influential men in my life were my coaches. Football teaches young men the importance of commitment, of teamwork, of drive, and most importantly how to respond to failure. These qualities and traits can become instilled in football. 

What about your experience at Highland High School and Concordia University would you like to bring to Greenville?
Probably the most important thing I have learned from Highland and Concordia is the importance of creating meaningful and lasting relationships with your players and fellow coaches. Greenville is very successful in creating lasting relationships. I hope to add to this and also learn from Greenville's success. 

What is your favorite memory of football as a player?
My favorite memory as a player winning conference as a junior in high school. Our high school had a tradition of winning but had fallen on hard times and had not had a winning season in five years. Winning conference and feeling as though all the extra time 
and extra work we put in made it all well worth it. 

What do you like to do in your free time?
Read or work out. 

Thanks Will for taking the time to answer these questions!


Spirit Wear for Family and Friends

Family and Friends of Greenville College Football,

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Class of 2019: Chapter 7

Name: Chase Stamatis
Hometown: Cleveland, Missouri
High School: Christ Prep Academy
Position: Wide Receiver
Major: Undecided 
Coach Lira: Chase is a big time receiver, that was recruited by numerous colleges. Chase is such a dynamic receiver because he is a guy that can high point any ball an win majority of the time, he is a guy that can run by you and make big plays, or if he needs to he can lower his shoulder an run through you. Most importantly, he is a young man that pursues Christ in everything he does! I'm excited to see what he does with his time here at Greenville.
Why did He Choose Greenville: It just felt right. As soon as I stepped on campus I felt like I fit in. I also felt like this program really cares about the guys in it, and helps them become Godly leaders.

Name: Benjamin Mobley II 
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee 
High School: Summit High School
Position: Tight End 
Major: Nursing 
Coach Flannery: Ben is a great addition to the GC football program!  From day one in the recruiting process Ben has been extremely excited about Greenville College.  He can play on either side of the football at a high level, but we are going to use him at the tight end position on offense.  He will be able to help us both in the run and pass game with his abilities and skill set.  I can’t wait to coach him this fall!
Why did He Choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because, it felt like it was the best choice to take my life to bigger and better opportunities. I am more then blessed for the opportunity the coaching staff gave me. I am more than ready to continue my football carrier with Greenville. Go panthers!  

Name: Tavon Joiner
Hometown: Oxford, Mississippi
High school: Lafayette High School
Position: Running Back & Slot Receiver
Coach Lira: I don't use this phrase often, but when I talk about Tavon it's very fitting..."Tavon is a baller!". This was a long recruiting process, and I am excited to welcome Tavon to Greenville. Tavon played in one of the toughest high school conferences in the country, and still was a 1,000 yard rusher. Excited to see what he does with his time here at Greenville.
Why Did He Choose Greenville: To be able to play ball after high school is a blessing, and I was excited when Greenville gave me an opportunity to do that.

Name: Tristan Daffara
Hometown:  Moline, Illinois
High School: East Moline Christian School
Position: Tight End
Major:  Meteorology
Coach Lira: Tristan is a big and smart young man, that has huge upside to him. He is a positive attitude individual with a great mindset. I am excited to see what his future holds. 
Why did you Choose Greenville: To play football and get an education in a Christ-centered environment. An I feel that Greenville was a place that provided that. 

Name: Austyn Simmons
Hometown: Jellico, TN
High School: Jellico High School
Position: Nose Guard
Major- Pre-Med
Coach Flannery: We are very excited that Austyn has decided to join Greenville College and our football family!  He comes from a great family that really want him to grow holistically in athletics, academics, and in his relationship with the Lord.  I can’t think of a better place for him to do that other than GC. 
Why did He Choose Greenville: The ability to be apart of the brotherhood of football under the Christian atmosphere with smaller more inclusive academic classes.


Greenville College Class of 2019 - Part 1


Greenville College Alumni Golf Scramble

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The number of student-athletes at Greenville College continues to rise. This year we have over 360 student-athletes and 41 coaches. Back in 1987 when we began football, we had 215 student-athletes and 18 coaches. My how times have changed! Our athletic budget is tied to tuition dollars collected, and we have realized serious cuts in recent years. Our coaches have to find alternative funding for their own programs from between $2,000 and $8,000 per year depending on the sport. The $15,000 or more we typically raise through this event is needed for us to be competitive in recruiting and contests. Your help is critical!

Class of 2019: Chapter 6

Name: Angel Lara
Hometown:  Edinburg, Texas
High School:  Edinburg High School
Position: Defensive Back
Major: Physical Therapy
Coach Lira: There is a reason Angel was an All-State Cornerback from Texas.  This guy can get it done in coverage, and if he needs to he will come up and make a big hit.  He was very well coached in high school, so once he gets use to the speed and terminology at the college level...watch out! 
Why did you choose Greenville: I really like the values the school is about, it reminds me a lot of what we do in my high school program. The team unity that I have seen, seems like second to none from what I've seen at other schools. Ready for August to roll around, and get after it! 

Name: Holden Butler
Hometown: Lodi, California
High School: Jim Elliot Christian High School
Position: Defensive Back
Major: Business
Coach Laune: He is exactly what we are looking for in a recruit. He is a great athlete an he comes from a great family, and he is passionate about what our team does. I can't wait to coach him next fall!
Why did you choose Greenville: I didn't want to just be apart of an ordinary football team, but instead play on a team that loves the Lord and encourages me in my walk with Christ. Greenville teaches their players to be Ambassadors for Christ and that is the main reason why I chose to play for Greenville College! 

Name: Justin Willis
Hometown: Lindale, Texas
High School: Lindale High School
Position: Outside Linebacker
Major: Physical Education
Coach Laune: Very excited to see what Justin can do this fall. He played high school football at a high level, and we are very excited to see what he can do. He is a guy that is super passionate about football and I can't wait to coach him. 
Why did you choose Greenville: The way the team is and how they carry themselves as a "brotherhood", and how they leave everything on the field. Also its another opportunity to be able to play and build a better relationship with my lord and savior. Lastly how they have exactly what I'm looking for in Education.

Name: Alex E. Baldomino Jr.
Hometown: Walnut, California
High School: Southlands Christian High School
Position: Slot Receiver, Defensive Back
Major: Biology
Coach Laune: Very excited to have an athlete of Alex's caliber on our team this fall. He was a great high school football player with skills that translate very well to the college game. He is a great character guy as well. I'm excited to see what he can do.
Why did you Choose Greenville: Greenville has a philosophy like no other school. It embraces the need for fellowship as well as the love for each other. It is shown throughout the football team and that focus is what I would like to be apart of.

Name: Maurice Hawkins
Hometown: Lancaster, California
High School: Antelope Valley High School
Position: Quarterback, Defensive Back 
 MajorBusiness management 
Coach Schomaker: Maurice is a dynamic athlete who can play many positions.  We think he can make an impact at the Safety position for us early on in his career.  He has an outgoing personality that I believe can help him become a leader within our program.  
Why did you Choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because I wanted to go to school somewhere that makes me feel like I'm at home and the vibe from talking to coaches to players to staff members made me feel welcome. Can't wait to be a panther! GO EMAP!!

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