Making Gains in the Weight Room, On the Field, and in the Classroom!

This offseason has been one of great growth for our guys.  We saw some significant increase in strength and speed, while also seeing our guys make great strides as football players on the practice field during spring ball. However, we wanted to highlight something that often goes unannounced, ACADEMICS!

            This past semester, the football team was able to achieve a 2.97 average! This is a great step forward for our program, last spring we were at a 2.91 average. We want to achieve our goal of a 3.0 GPA and one day surpass it and that time will be here soon! As many of you may know, being a student athlete is not an easy task. Our guys dedicate many hours of the day to both athletics and academics knowing that they need to do so in order for success on and off the field. Not to mention they need to find time to sleep at night and time for somewhat of a social life.
            Looking at class GPA’s, the class with the highest GPA was the Sophomore class with a GPA of 3.2, with the Junior class just behind them. The Defensive Line led all position groups with a 3.36 GPA with the Wide Receivers coming in second at 3.12.

Now to highlight our academic Top 10 from this past semester.

1)   Jacob Stull 4.0 GPA
2)   Lincoln Johnson 4.0 GPA
3)   Daniel Findley 4.0 GPA
4)   Jacob Tibbetts 3.96 GPA
5)    Steven Davis 3.93 GPA
6)   Cory Moore 3.92 GPA
7)   Corbin Quinonez 3.85
8)   Derek Greifzu 3.84
9)   Will Plachta 3.81 GPA
10) Bryson Davis 3.74 GPA

Over HALF of our athletes on the roster were able to achieve a 3.0 or higher this semester! Great job gentlemen on getting after it in the classroom and continue to strive for greatness on and off the field!

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