Spirit Wear for Family and Friends

Family and Friends of Greenville College Football,

Do you find yourself sleeping contently to an existential dream in which your favorite player is scoring a touchdown, making a sack, or opening a humongous hole with a pancake block? It’s all fine and wonderful and then wham! You wake up with cold sweats because you saw yourself in the dream surrounded by orange and black in the stands, but you had none of your own! Don’t make this dream a reality. This week the online team store is open for all of you who are looking for said gear! Simply click on the link below and check out the various selections of shirts, hoodies, etc. Now you can flare up the stands or show how proud you are that your son/nephew/grandson/friend is playing college football as you lounge at home.

Not only will you have the latest gear, but you will also be supporting our program!

But you must hurry, for the store closes on JUNE 20th which is THIS Saturday! Don’t be the only fan without Panther Gear!

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