Get to Know the Staff at Greenville College

Have you ever asked yourself, who exactly are those men wearing headsets on Saturday afternoons? Over the next few days we will be sharing some content that will help you understand why these men began coaching and what they are doing to make Greenville College Football a unique program. 

Today, we are sharing a video that features Offensive Coordinator Josh Flannery. Coach shares his path to coaching and a few things he does in the offseason to pour into the team.



Merry Christmas!

This Christmas day, Coach Schomaker reads from Luke to remind us why we celebrate Christmas.


More Post-Season Honors! Four Players Represent Greenville In the NCCAA All-American Awards

The NCCAA announced this year’s All-Americans for football this past week. Greenville College was represented by four players this year.

Robert Deering a Senior from Osceola, Indiana was awarded 1st team All-American at the linebacker position.

Joey Silva a Senior from Princeton, California was also awarded 1st team All-American at the defensive line position.

Nick Morrow, a Junior from Huntsville, Alabama was awarded 2nd team All-American at the Safety position.

Andres Flores, a Junior from Stockton, California was also awarded 2nd team All-American on the offensive line.

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