Q&A with Offensive Coordinator Josh Flannery

Coach Flannery, welcome back to EMAP Nation!  We’re excited to have you here on the staff.  Coach Flannery will be the Panther’s Offensive Coordinator for this upcoming season.

Q: Take some time to tell us about your family and background.
A:I am married to a beautiful GC alum, Abby Flannery, whom I met my freshman year at GC.  We both graduated from GC in 2008.  My wife graduated with a degree in Biology and I graduated with a  degree in HPR (health, physical education, recreation).  We have been happily married for 6 years and have an awesome 7 month old son named Isaac.  

Q: Being a GC Alum, does it bring back a lot of memories as a player..maybe even a student? 
A: One of the teams motto while I played at GC was “Make Memories at All Cost,” so to answer your questions yes it brings back a ton of memories as both player and student.  Many of which are told over and over again as my fellow EMAP teammates get together each year.  The memories made will last a lifetime!  I cannot even remember the scores of most games, but the memories I can remember as if they happened yesterday.

Q: What is it about Greenville College Football that brought you back to Southern Illinois after a few years away?
A:There are several reasons why I decided to come back to GC.  One of those reasons is I believe wholeheartedly in the mission of GC and its football program.  It is football and much much more!  My experience and journey as a football player and student at GC helped transformed me into the man I am today, which is a big reason why I came back.  I have a passion to influence young men (specifically football players) the same way I was impacted as a player at GC.  

Q: Tell us all a little about your coaching career, and why you wanted to get into coach. 
A:While away from GC I coached high school football for two seasons in Loveland Colorado at Mountainview high school.  Just so happens that GC alum Jesse Tyrell played there while I was a coach.  After MV I coached 5 seasons of college football in Canton Ohio at Malone University.  When former GC head coach Eric Hehman took the head coaching position at Malone University he offered me an Offensive GA position where I served as passing coordinator my first three seasons (wide receiver coach).  I was then hired full time at Malone where I served as the special teams coordinator while also coaching the secondary on defense for two seasons.  

There are many reasons why I got into coaching.  I have always had a love for the game and I knew I wanted to coach football at some capacity, but the biggest reason why I decided to make it a career was because I felt God calling me to influence young men the same way that I was influence at GC football.  

Q: After coaching under former Head Coach for the Greenville Panthers (Eric Hehman), what are some things you are looking to bring with you to Greenville? 
A: I consider Eric a great mentor and friend and much of my coaching philosophy stems from what he has taught me.  I played for, coached with, and known Eric for over 10 YEARS!!  That is a lot of priceless principals, core values, beliefs, and memories that I am bringing with me.  Coach Hehman taught so many of us to live with creative excitement, aka Level 6.  I hope to bring that same type of creative excitement with me to GC.  Eric is a great man of God filled with the Holy Spirit and I hope I can be just as impactful at GC as he was.

Q: Is there one memory in particular that stands out to you from your experience at Malone University?
A:There are too many memories at Malone for one to stand out above the rest.  The memories, friendships, and experience that God allowed me to have at Malone will impact me for the rest of my life.  

Q: What do you like to do with your free time?
A:I am always down to make a memory, but my favorite thing to do in my spare time is hang out with my amazing family!

Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for our EMAP Nation followers!

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