Class of 2019: Chapter 2

Name: Kaitroy (KJ) Hubbard Jr.
Hometown: O'Fallon, IL  
High SchoolO'Fallon Township High School
PositionDefensive Back
Major: Sports Management
Coach Lira: KJ is a long, and athletic corner that was highly recruited in the Metro-East.  We are very thankful to land, such a talented defensive back like him.  With his experience at a highly competitive high school, I am excited to see what he does at Greenville College! 
Why did He Choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because of the environment of the college, the fact that it is a Christian college I can continue to grow closer to God while in school, and I loved the way the Coaching staff talked to me. I enjoyed the talk about EMAP. The students, players, and teachers were great as well. I can't wait to excel at Greenville on and off of the field!
Name: Christian Kornelis 
Hometown: Copperas Cove, TX
High School: Copperas Cove High School 
Position: Offensive Tackle 
Major: Mechanical Engineering 
Coach Lira: Christian is a MONSTROUS 6'5 and 285 pounds. He will bring much needed depth on the offensive line, and is an amazing student. He is a guy that leads on and off the field.
Why did he Choose Greenville: I choose Greenville because it was opportunity 
for me to play football with a family. When I was
Visiting the campus everyone seemed to know
Each other and respected each other. That was 
the strongest feeling I got from Greenville and it 
was amazing so I knew this would be a great 
place for me. 

Name: Tyler Richardson
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
High School: Western Heights High School
Position: Defensive End/Linebacker
Major: Sports Management
Coach Lira: Tyler is a dependable guy, and I'm excited to see his growth over four years.  Tyler is a guy that will do whatever is asked, and go above and beyond. 
Why Did He Choose Greenville: I felt like Greenville was my best opportunity to play for Jesus Christ. They are a private-Christian college and they are well centered around God. I am really impressed and I feel like I can use Greenville to use the tool of football to spread the word of God and to play for him. Without God the game would have never been created.

Name: Eric Pastran Jr.
Hometown:  El Paso, TX
High School: Coronado High School
Position: Center/ Long snapper 
Major: Sports Medicine
Coach Lira: Being a two year starter at a big high school in Texas, and will bring experience with him to the college level.  He is not the biggest guy on the offensive line, but make no mistake about his toughness and explosiveness!
Why did He Choose Greenville: Felt like it was a great environment and a great opportunity to meet great people and play some EMAP football!

Name: Ransom Cochrane
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
High School: Brighton High School
Position: Safety
Major: Sports Management
Coach Lira: Ransom is a guy that I am excited to welcome to the program!  Ransom is a guy that can be used in multiple ways, whether he is in cover, blitzing on a stunt, or being a special teams guy. I'm excited to see how he develops at Greenville! 
Why did you Choose Greenville: I really love the campus and the town. All the players I met made me feel at home. The respect and communication from the Coaches and Admissions has been unbelievable. My visit was awesome and the Coaches are fun to be around. Greenville is the place for me. EMAP!


Philly Trip 2015 Day 1

The 2015 Philly Trip is finally upon us.   Its been 4 years since the Greenville College Football program set foot back in Philly  Check out our updates here everyday over the next 10 days and learn what missions work looks like EMAP style.

Today was the first day of our 10 day adventure.  16 of us packed one people mover and a minivan and left Greenville at 4:15PM, after classes had ended for the day.  The trip was just  5 hours as we stopped "halfway" in Mason, OH, home of our Head Coach Robbie Schomaker.  The ride was a lively one including a stop at a Cinnabon for senior Robert Deering.  

We arrived in Mason at 10:30PM and made camp for the night at Coach Schomaker's childhood home.  Mrs. Schomaker (mother of coach Schomaker) made a great spread for the guys including buffalo chicken dip and a Cincinnati Classic, Skyline Dip while Mr. Schomaker (father of coach Schomaker) got everyone set up in the basement.  We watched some basketball and everyone settled in for the night to rest up for the 8 hour journey to Philadelphia in the morning.  Who knows what tomorrows adventure will bring.


Ok Folks...It's that Time of the Year! Class of 2019

Name: Chad Whaley
Hometown:  Walnut Creek, California
High School: Berean Christian High School
Position: Tight End
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach Laune: We are absolutely thrilled that we will have Chad in a Panther uniform this coming fall. Chad is a great person and football player. He will have an immediate impact on our team culture as well as our on the field performance. We are expecting big things from Chad!
Why did He Choose Greenville: Greenville has the major I want to study, they are a private Christian College, which is very important to me, and they believed in my ability enough to give me the opportunity to be their next tight end, which meant a lot to me. After seeing that Greenville competes in their league and does good, I knew that I could help be a part of this football team and take them to the next level.

Name: Jacob Coffin
Hometown: Homer, Illinois
High School: Heritage High School
Position: Offensive Line
Major: Environmental Science
Coach Lira: Jacob is a monster on the offensive line! He is a guy that we are really excited about.  Jacob was highly recruited from Illinois, and we are excited for the leadership he is going to bring to the team! 
Why did He Choose Greenville: I chose Greenville because I am a follower of God and I love the Christian atmosphere on and off the field. I also enjoy what the coaches are teaching about the brotherhood and becoming a better man. Also, the program has a lot of success and they are more of a run team, and I've always been on a run team.

Name: Tucker Tompkins
Hometown: Redding, California
High School: University Preparatory School
Position: Slot Receiver, Running Back
 Major: Physical Education 
 Coach Laune: We are very excited about Tucker! He is exactly the kind of well rounded, high character student athlete that we are looking for in this program. He has tremendous potential within our offense and we are looking forward to seeing what he can do.                                               Why did He Choose Greenville: I chose Greenville College because it felt like home, I loved the Christian atmosphere, and I get to play the sport I love for an excelling program.

Name: Jack Packwood
Hometown:  Poway, California 
High School: Del Norte High School
Position: Defensive End/ Linebacker 
Major: Criminal Justice
Coach Lira: The thing I love about Jack, he is a natural SPARK PLUG!  He is a guy that makes big plays happen through his hustle, effort, and perseverance.  He doesn't shock you with his size, but when you watch this young man play he leaves it all on the field! 
Why did He Choose Greenville: I loved the school and the small town feel of it. Great group of people as well. 

Name: Bradley Stubbs
Hometown: Hazel Green, Alabama
High School: Hazel Green High School
Position: Placekicker
Major: Sports Management
Coach Laune: Brad is a guy that we expect to make an immediate impact for us on Saturdays. He is a great leader and an unmatched work ethic. We are very excited to see his kicks going through the back of the end zone on Saturdays!
Why did he Choose Greenville: I loved how the coaches and players treated me at Greenville. I immediately felt like part of a family when I got on campus. I also loved the Christian atmosphere at Greenville College and the Christian morals and values taught by the coaches and professors.  I am very excited to be a part of Greenville's football program and I'm looking forward to doing a lot of great things while I'm there!

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