Greenville Honored with 16 Academic All Conference Winners

The UMAC (Upper Midwest Athletic Conference) released the names of students athletes who earned the award of academic all conference. To earn this honor, players must have a 3.5 GPA while in season. It is no easy task to balance a full-time academic schedule along with all of the requirements it takes to be a college athlete. The following players were awarded Academic All Conference:

Lincoln Johnson ( JR DL), Michael Carie (FR P), Jacob Stull (SR RB), Josh Paul (FR LB), Nicholas Morrow (JR DB), Corbin Quinonez (JR TE), Dalton Ward( JR OL), DaJuan Johnson (JR DL), Cory Moore( SR RB), Will Plachta (JR DB), Jake Tibetts (JR QB), Colton Faure (SO DL), Jonathan Uperesa (SR LB), Taylor Kaufmann (SO WR), Daniel Findley (SO LB) , Kaleb Slaven (JR WR).

Greenville was third in conference standings with sixteen players receiving this honor. As a team, Greenville finished with a 2.8GPA.

Congrats to our Academic All-Conference winners!
Original Story: http://umacathletics.com/sports/2016/1/25/MXC_0125164303.aspxhttp://umacathletics.com/sports/2016/1/25/MXC_0125164303.aspx


Getting to Know Defensive Coordinator Trent Laune

Continuing the "Get to Know" series, today we have a post featuring Defensive Coordinator Trent Laune.  

What influenced you to become a football coach? 
I decided to become a football coach because it allowed me to have a unique environment in which I can have an influence on so many different young men. I strongly believe that what matters most in this life is that people come to have a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Coaching football, unlike almost anything else I could be doing, puts me in a position to help young men find and grow in that saving faith. 
What is your favorite aspect of being a football coach?
I love the game of football and what it allows men to be and experience is something that has become increasingly rare in our culture. I love the intensity and passion of the game and the clarity of the outcome. I also love the camaraderie built on a football team working towards a common goal. 

What is one thing that you do that is beyond what most football coaches do? 

As a coach at Greenville I get to meet one on one with several players. During these meetings I get to pray with players. We discuss what we are reading in the bible and different books that we are reading through. These meetings are a great time of growth and learning for myself as much as they are for the players. 

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